Wolverhampton Council renovates Car Park

DECSEAL® system provides aesthetic finish for Wolverhampton Civic Centre
Wolverhampton Civic Centre Multi-Story Car Park
City of Wolverhampton Council
Speller Metcalfe
Authorized Contractor (Applicator)
VolkerLaser Ltd.
GCP Solutions
DECSEAL® system

Retrofitting parking garage

In March 2016, Speller Metcalfe was selected to undertake the £18 million refit of the Wolverhampton Civic Centre. As well as introducing modern and innovative designs, the renovation also aimed to increase the civic centre’s capacity to a total of 5,000 people, including upgraded access for disabled visitors. Refurbishing the multi-storey basement car park was a key focus of the project.

Choosing an attractive finish

The £2 million car park refit included concrete repairs, a new anti-skid surfacing system, anti-carbonation coatings, new payment systems, lighting and sprinkler systems. Subcontractor VolkerLaser Ltd was selected to take the lead on identifying a fast curing protective solution.

The work was carried out in phases during a tight timeframe from the end of July to September 2016, to tie in with the wider refurbishment plans. The client also wanted to make sure the new car park had a brighter, fresher and more modern appearance with an aesthetically pleasing protective finish.

Accelerating project completion

DECSEAL®wearing course from Stirling Lloyd (now GCP Applied Technologies) was specified throughout based on its ease of application. Based on unique ESSELAC® technology, the DECSEAL®system can be applied to seven-day old concrete, enabling the application to begin as much as three weeks earlier than other systems. In addition, the system allows for an unlimited over-coating time, eliminates adhesion issues at day joints and provides for easy detailing.

As DECSEAL® wearing course is cold applied, it requires no hot trades and no hot work permits. The Bauxite aggregates also offer exceptional wear and skid resistance, making the surface safer for car park visitors.

The DECSEAL®wearing course provided a choice of six standard colors, with bespoke colors available, offering the designers the ability to create a fresh look.

With a speedy, problem-free application, the new parking garage opened on time.

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