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PERM-A-BARRIER® air & vapor barriers

The PERM-A-BARRIER® portfolio of air barrier system membranes contains all combinations of fluid-applied/sheet-applied and permeable/non-permeable membranes.

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Vapor permeable liquids

PERM-A-BARRIER® VPL 50 liquid-applied air barrier resists water quickly upon installation.

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All liquids

Download construction documents for both permeable and non-permeable PERM-A-BARRIER® liquid membrane air and vapor barriers.

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Vapor permeable sheets

View and download PERM-A-BARRIER® VPS construction docs.

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Non-permeable sheets

View detail drawings and other construction docs for non-permeable sheet membranes like PERM-A-BARRIER® Wall Membrane, PERM-A-BARRIER® Aluminum Wall Membrane and PERM-A-BARRIER® NPS primerless sheet.

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