PERM-A-BARRIER® VPL 50 Air Barrier

Permeable, liquid-applied air and water barrier

Construction projects can be thrown completely off track due to bad weather—adding more days to the schedule. With construction schedules becoming tighter, builders are looking for ways to avoid these costly delays. Through its unique formulation, PERM-A-BARRIER® VPL 50 air barrier both eliminates weather delays and drives down the cost of installing weather barriers. This novel solution creates a barrier against air infiltration and exfiltration, minimizing energy loss and condensation problems.

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What is PERM-A-BARRIER® VPL 50 Wall Membrane?

Liquid-applied air barriers are faster to apply than traditional materials, but the material can wash off in the rain. GCP has addressed this problem with PERM-A-BARRIER® VPL 50 liquid-applied air barrier, an easy-to-install solution that resists water quickly after installation. 

PERM-A-BARRIER® VPL 50 membrane enables contractors to complete projects faster by reducing rain delays. Additionally, total project costs are lower than competitive latex technologies, resulting in cost savings. 

PERM-A-BARRIER® VPL 50 air barrier enhances energy efficiency, providing superior protection against air and water vapor. Ideal for projects requiring breathable characteristics, PERM-A-BARRIER® VPL 50 air barrier permits water vapor through that could otherwise condense in the wall, yet it is impermeable to liquid water, so it can act as a water drainage solution.


*According to a report by the National Institute of Standards and Technology

Product advantages

  • NFPA 285 compliant in a range of wall assemblies
  • Compliant with ASTM E2357 standard
  • Single component for fast and easy application  
  • Phthalate- and halogen-free for safe, environmentally-friendly use
  • Strong adhesion to construction substrates, such as wood, block, concrete, gypsum sheathing and metal, among others