SAFETRACK™ RMP 200 cold-applied waterproofing, wearing and traffic coating

Extend the service life of your parking structure

High-traffic parking garages are subjected to high loading and stress, temperature shifts, water and pollutant ingress, and exposure to chlorides and carbonation. That’s why the America Concrete Institute (ACI) recommends protection and maintenance to minimize the exorbitant repair costs resulting from cracks and deterioration. The SAFETRACK™ RMP 200 waterproofing and traffic coating system protects parking garages from water penetration and corrosion while providing a durable friction surface. 


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SAFETRACK™ RMP 200  is a rapidly curing, liquid applied waterproofing and surfacing system designed specifically for parking garage applications.

Key Benefits
  • 100% seamless waterproofing featuring Esselac™ technology
  • Rapid cure at low temperatures, installs down to 23F
  • Excellent abrasion and chemical resistance
Application Type
  • Parking garages
  • Pedestrian walkways and footbridges
  • Balconies and exposed decks

Accelerate waterproofing application

This easy-to-apply liquid waterproofing system saves time and money through fast return-to-service. It can be applied on concrete in as quickly as 14 days, enabling waterproofing to be completed up to two weeks earlier than with other systems. Simply hand roll or spray apply the liquid waterproofing system and it quickly cures to form a highly durable membrane that can be trafficked within one hour. 

Unlike other waterproofing systems that are highly sensitive to cold and humidity, the SAFETRACK™ RMP 200 waterproofing and surfacing system can be applied in a wide range of temperatures and climates. What’s more, the system is cold applied, eliminating the added costs and safety concerns of hot works projects. The waterproofing and wearing course system is also customizable, offering premium coatings for high friction areas or those areas that are exposed to the elements.

With decades ofextensive experience delivering waterproofing solutions, GCP Applied Technologies protects the long-term investment in your parking structure. Through our approved applicator program, a certified Field Support Technician will support your project with system selection, detailing as well as onsite QA testing to verify the integrity of the installation and pave the way for a smooth inspection. 

Product Advantages

  • Achieve speedy application for effective job scheduling and quick return-to-service
  • Apply waterproofing anytime year round
  • Reduce structural deadload with lightweight solution
  • Benefit from a high-adhesion system for long-term protection 
  • Gain peace of mind with a system that’s easy to repair